what we do

HBA is on a mission to empower West Africans to bring Godly, sustainable transformation to their communities


what we do

HBA is on a mission to empower West Africans to bring Godly, sustainable transformation to their communities

To accomplish this we:


We employ Community Health Evangelism, a Christ-centered wholistic strategy that seamlessly integrates evangelism, discipleship, disease prevention, and community-owned development through the use of local resources

Our main strategy centers around empowering people to identify their own needs, generate solutions to these problems and effectively execute those solutions. This approach is embodied in CHE and its curriculum - of which HBA board members are well versed. We expose our partners and supporters to CHE through Vision Seminars and Training of Trainers courses that are held locally.

We also build and maintain strong relationships with like-minded organizations including Medical Ambassadors International, CHE Global Network and their partners, Africa Internship Center and City of Refuge Ministries. In addition, we seek to develop strong relationships with West African governmental and health agencies. These relationships help further our efforts in reaching more people and enabling them to tap into the local resources available to them.


We solicit strategic funding and prayer support to address the needs of marginalized individuals such as trafficked or orphaned children, women, or those suffering from abuse and trauma.

Without our supporters, we would not be able to accomplish our mission in West Africa. Their financial assistance and prayer go a long way to sustain HBA’s work as well as helping our partners with their work on the ground. Our partners impact rural West Africa in various ways and we are proud to support them. City of Refuge for example helps rescue trafficked children who are forced to labor along the Volta river in Ghana. The funds we acquire from our donors support activities such as housing costs for these children, working through their trauma and and providing an education to give them hope for a better life


We prepare and guide short term teams to work with our African partners in CHE training, health screenings, and community development projects

We offer an opportunity for supporters to travel with our board members to West Africa each year. During these trips, they are able to meet our partners on the ground, participate in operations such as health screenings and CHE training and build their own lastings relationships with the local people they interact with.

You can help

Get Involved


Join us in serving in West Africa on one of our yearly short term trips.  You will get a chance to meet our partners on the ground, participate in health screenings, practice CHE while building lasting relationships with local people.


Your financial support goes a long way to further the mission and vision of HBA.  We have several donation options, all of which are secure and tax deductible.



We believe in the power of corporate prayer and we know for a fact that HBA would not be as effective as it has been without the faithful prayers of our supporters.