Jeff's 100 Mile Bike Race

Hi Friends,

I’m asking for your support and encouragement next month as I participate in a well-known Tucson 102 mile bike race.  Please consider sponsoring me for some amount of money per mile of the race  (you pick the amount because every contribution matters!). 

Your donation helps raise funds for a nonprofit I serve called Heartbeat for Africa (HBA).  We work with and support the kids and staff at the City of Refuge Ministries (CORM) orphanage as well as as help with training at the African Internship Center (AIC), which encourages small communities to identify and use their resources for development. All money donated is tax deductible and will go to help the kids and provide additional development training.

HBA is on a mission to empower West Africans to bring Godly, sustainable transformation to their communities

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