Support Transformation and Community Education

HBA supports a number of communities in West Africa. If you would like to help support community transformation with us with a tax deductible donation please click on one of the projects below to learn more about how you can get involved.


Farming at the AITC

Farming as a Vocation: One of the skills the orphans learn while in the Vocational Development program at the AITC is farming. The local African…(View More)

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AITC Interns

CHE Training at the AITC

What is the AITC: The Africa Internship Training Center (AITC) is a facility north of Accra, Ghana dedicated to equipping individuals to use CHE (Community…(View More)

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Business Plan

Sustainable Income

CHE classes in Micro-Enterprise Development A Community Health Evangelism (CHE) trainer lives in or near the community in which he teaches. ┬áHe or she spends…(View More)

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