Medical Ambassadors International

West Africa Coordinator—Dayo Obaweya

As a Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Facilitator, he recruited multiple trainers for rural communities throughout West Africa. He has been highly respected among community leaders and enjoys good relationships among them. He has trained in venues such as refugee camps, slums built on garbage heaps, and villages difficult to access. Dayo’s efforts provided the formation of a non-government organization (NGO) in Nigeria, a necessary entity for growing Medical Ambassadors International’s work in West Africa.

In January 2005, Dayo became Area Coordinator increasing the territory for which he was responsible for oversight of national workers. He networks with mission organizations and churches in West Africa and beyond. Dayo also continues efforts to give his countryman an awareness of HIV/AIDS, many of whom are in denial of its existence. His training teaches lifestyle practices which greatly reduce opportunities to contract AIDS.


City of Refuge Ministries

Johnbull and Stacy Omorefe

City of Refuge-2In the West African nation of Ghana lies the largest man-made lake in the world, Lake Volta. The villages surrounding Lake Volta are plagued by poverty, waterborne diseases, malaria and illiteracy. These misfortunes often lead to an increase in orphans, abandoned children and even children sold into forced labor. These children are especially vulnerable to exploitation in the fishing communities. Children are not often valued beyond their ability to provide immediate income and as a result are not given the opportunity to fulfill their lifelong potential. Trafficked and at-risk children need safety so they may grow into dynamic and caring members of society. They need someone to advocate for them, as they are unable to voice their own right to freedom.  Many of these children need treatment for disease and rehabilitation from psychological and physical abuse.

Heartbeat for Africa (HBA) Foundation has developed a strategic relationship with the “City of Refuge Outreach” in the Volta Lake Region of Ghana.  Johnbull and Stacy Omorefe established the City of Refuge with a mission to liberate children from modern-day slavery and give them a home and education. They strive to educate others about human trafficking and motivate individuals and groups to get involved in stopping this injustice towards the vulnerable.


Pantano Christian Church, Tucson, AZ

HBA Mission Partner in Ghana

At Pantano Christian Church we seek to be a catalytic force to bless Southern Arizona and the world. Lasting change will come through healthy churches that inspire and build healthy communities and neighborhoods. Our strategy is simple. We partner Internationally with organizations that are focused on church planting movements together with healthy community transformation.

We primarily partner with indigenous missionaries in the least reached areas of the world that are dedicated to church planting and community development. Teams from Pantano Christian Church go on short-term missions each year to various places around the world.