My Trip Experience – Michelle Cuevas

One of my memorable experiences in Africa was the women’s Bible study time.  Seeing about 20 women gathering together for time to learn about God, Jesus and how to have a relationship with Him was amazing.  These wonderful ladies were learning how to do life together in a way that glorifies their Creator.  I believe that when change happens in a society it’s often because the women are motivated behind the scenes (and in front sometimes) to do life differently, raise the children in a different way and influence their husbands and friends in a motivating way.  Establishing this faith among some women in the village is a crucial step to permeating their society with God’s word and the power of His Holy Spirit.  The women were so excited to be together again, praying and reading their bibles.  Lea was leading the group and did a wonderful job, even taking extra time to train up 3 ladies from within the group who can take over and lead when her time with them is through.
This group of amazing women worshiping together is one of my favorite memories of my time with HBA.

Michelle with African Women’s Bible Study Group