Gambia-Ghana: Kemoy Addai-Gyansa’s Story

I recently traveled with Heartbeat for Africa to Gambia and Ghana.  My most memorable moment on this trip was being with the women in Gambia at the “Women in the Window” conference. Women from various West African countries gathered in Gambia for a time of learning about God’s word, women’s health and growing a small businesses. I had the opportunity to be one of three trainers in who provided classes and training on “Women’s Health”. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the women in our class.

I feel like we all shared our hearts and connected with each other in a very special way. I noticed that the women were eager to learn new ways of solving the problems that they faced in their respective communities whether it be health, financial or spiritual related. One lady in our group particularly stood out to me. She could not read or write English but was able to speak it. She was determined to not let that this hold her back from her dream of becoming a ‘local missionary’ as she put and her desire to teach “Women’s Health” to her community. It was a blessing to see someone who wanted nothing more than to serve God and her community. I want what she’s got Lord… strength, drive and passion to serve you with all that I am.


Woman’s Health CHE Training Class


Woman’s Health CHE Training Class