Gambia-Ghana: David Addai-Gyansa’s Story

Our trip to West Africa was amazing in many respects. We ministered and were ministered to… We traveled to Gambia for the first week of our trip and then to Ghana for the second week. I was blessed to meet so many people with such big hearts and strong desires to see Africa transformed for the better.

In Gambia I enjoyed both learning and teaching micro Enterprise lessons to a group of women, many of which already had a small business going already. They were eager to learn new principles and share success stories with each other. We spent the week helping them discover how to use their existing resources and how to work together to identify and solve many of the problems limiting the growth of their small business. The women learned how to prepare and execute a business plan.

After the weed in Ghana we traveled to Ghana. In Ghana we performed health screenings for several communities along the Volta River. The response of the people was very encouraging and I believe God used our work to draw them closer to him. I believe they could tangibly see the love of God through us serving them. I was able to see several other organizations that were doing some wonderful things for the community including the City or Refuge Ministers and the Baptist Vocational Center. Being able to talk to the founders and staff of these two organizations was very encouraging to my personal walk with God. Being surrounded by such selfless and passionate people ministered to me greatly. I encourage you to consider joining and HBA trip to West Africa.


Micro-Enterprise Training Class    


The entire Micro-Enterprise Graduating Class in Gambia


One of the Health Assessment stations in a Community in Ghana 


David (lower left) playing Ghanaian checkers with the children… he lost