Financial Review

In 2006, Heartbeat For Africa Foundation (HBA) became a not for profit corporation of the state of Arizona. In 2007, HBA was recognized as a 501(c)3 corporation with the Federal Government of the United States. The foundation is dedicated to helping rural areas in West African countries that desire to see their communities transformed without the reliance of outside help and assistance from the West. The foundation is viewed as a “conduit” in that its purpose is to bring together organizations and people from prosperous nations in a partnership to assist rural West African communities that are working to bring about complete community transformation.

As a not for profit foundation, all contributions are considered to be tax free by the United States Government. The foundation provides all donors an end of year statement indicating the level of their financial support during the past year. All contributions that the foundation receives for a specific purpose such as orphan support through the Houses of Hope program are used specifically for that purpose. That is, the organization does not use any part of a designated contribution for the administration of the foundation. Only undesignated funds are used for this purpose. To a donor that means that 100% of your support for a community transformation project will be used for that specific purpose.