Heartbeat for Africa (HBA) is committed to partnering with rural communities throughout West Africa to assist with their efforts to improve their communities through a transformational strategy called Community Health Evangelism/Education (CHE). HBA’s part in this process is educating nationals on the CHE strategy so they can train rural communities in implementing this strategy.

HBA annually sends teams of people from the United States who are willing to come along side the community trainers and provide them practical education in subjects such as basic hygiene and securing clean drinking water.  These subjects are addressed in CHE training modules to provide the necessary information for people within a community to address their own prioritized issues.  For example, in 2012 HBA sent five community development education teams to West Africa. The teams are made up of people who have a heart for the people of West Africa and want to be a part of seeing communities transformed from the inside out. CHE Country Coordinators recruit nationals willing to receive training from the HBA teams and work to educate communities attempting to improve their circumstances.  To be part of a community development education team, you don’t have to be an expert in a certain subject but you do have to be willing to learn CHE concepts and then be able to teach these concepts. To be part of a community development education team, each individual must typically  raise support in the amount of  $2500 to $3000 to cover travel expenses.  These costs vary depending upon airline travel and the number of countries visited. HBA hopes you will prayerfully consider being part of a team to conduct CHE training in Africa.