Ebola Education

Educating CHE Trainers, Regional & Country Seminars

The CHE (Community, Health & Evangelism) trainers are on the fore front of the battle against Ebola in West Africa. The Medical Ambassadors International has rallied to quickly develop and make available for distribution lessons and fliers to be used to teach prevention and hygiene related to the Ebola virus. The CHE Trainers in West Africa have not only been speaking on Radio and Television but have been teaching in the villages in Serra Leone, Liberia and the rest of West Africa.

They have been are distributing materials and are in need of additional funds to help countries like Serra Leone and Liberia be able to print the materials and distribute in their locality. Unfortunately, not many private organizations (NGO’s) are in involved in teaching Ebola prevention. Most of the effort has been left to government. Liberia has now had over 3000 deaths.

Without proper education many in the rural communities are turning to the local witch doctor to provide his protection for a family afraid of catching the Ebola disease. We need to present Gods Word and sound teaching of basic hygiene and protection to help end the spread of this disease.

We are asking those who can to donate funds to help offset the cost of printing and distributing Ebola teaching material in these West African countries. 100% of any monies donated will go to Ebola Prevention Training. Please pray that this terrible disease is ended. Follow the link below to send your donation today.

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