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CHE classes in Micro-Enterprise Development

Student presents his team’s Business Plan

A Community Health Evangelism (CHE) trainer lives in or near the community in which he teaches.  He or she spends several days every month teaching local community members about healthcare, sanitation, community development and the Good News of Jesus Christ.  They provide this as a mission outreach to their community WITHOUT funding from western church or mission.

Heart Beat for Africa has invested in training several individuals who are now skilled at teaching Africans the fundamentals of Micro-Enterprise Development (MED).  The focus is on providing the CHE trainers with the business knowledge and skills for them to become successful with a small, self owned business.  They learn how to build a business plan, manage expenses and income, identify and develop a competitive product, create a value added product, and much more.  The individual is taught how to start a business with little or no funds and create an income for their family.  The funds from their business are then used by them to support their families and afford them the opportunity to continue providing free CHE training to the villages.  Our goal is for the knowledge obtained in the CHE micro-enterprise development to allow them to be independent of external funding and fully self sustaining in their personal life.

How you Can Help:

Team discussions result in the sustainable solutions

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One hundred percent (100%) of the funds donated will be used to purchase supplies and provide training for Micro-Enterprise Development (MED) in West Africa.

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