Farming at the AITC

Farming as a Vocation:

North Field of Farm

One of the skills the orphans learn while in the Vocational Development program at the AITC is farming. The local African community near the AITC has donated a field which we are developing into a farm. We need additional funding to help transform this rough land into a field capable of producing crops. Additional funds are need for basic farming supplies which the boys will use to tend the crops. HBA is committed to helping transform lives by teaching each orphan a skill which they can use to earn a living and not become dependent on relief funding.

How you Can Help:

If you can help please click the link below and make a donation to our Farming initiative at the AITC.

Support Farming at the AITC:

South Field with Mango Trees

The funds donated will be used to finish the development of the farmland and to purchase the initial equipment needed for the teenage orphan boys to use in learning the skills of farming.  Teaching the orphans farming will give them a skill they can use for decades to come to produce food and income for their families. 100% of your tax deductible donation will be used to support the farming vocational training at the AITC.

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