CHE Training at the AITC

What is the AITC:

One of the AITC Training Buildings

The Africa Internship Training Center (AITC) is a facility north of Accra, Ghana dedicated to equipping individuals to use CHE (Community Health Evangelism) to transform lives and communities.  The primary function of the AITC is as an orphanage and vocational training facility for teenage orphans.  Most orphans come to the AITC when they are about 15 years old and graduate with a vocational skill as well as a working knowledge of CHE when they are 18 years old.  The AITC is a place where they can not only receive food and housing but also learn a trade while being exposed to the the CHE training material.  The AITC will allow them to not only be able to enter their adult live with a skill that will provide them with a modest income it will also give them a foundation in CHE to equip them to return to their communities and transform lives by sharing Community Health Evangelical.

The AITC also offers advanced CHE training classes for existing CHE in-country trainers.  These CHE trainers travel from all over West Africa (Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Togo, Gambia, etc) as well as from other countries in Africa like Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Africa.  The AITC has become a key training facility in West Africa to provide CHE Trainers access to the latest material and training.

How you Can Help:

We need churches and individuals who want to provide more than relief, we need transformation. The AITC is designed to offer transformation of lives.

Sponsor an In-Country CHE Training Intern:

In-Country CHE Interns at the AITC

The CHE training classes offered at the AITC are attended by many different individuals from West Africa as well as Central and South Africa.  These local African CHE trainers live in their local communities and often have part time jobs to support their basic needs.  They often do not have the funds necessary to travel hundreds of miles by bus to attend the advanced CHE training classes in Ghana.  These CHE classes are often 5 to 7 weeks of intensive training.  During this time they are away from their families and jobs.  The cost to provide transportation, housing and food for them during this 7 week course is about $1200 per person.  HBA strongly believes that equipping local Africans who have a heart for their community and a heart for Jesus Christ are the best instruments for Community Transformation in Africa.  Please help us by using the link below to sponsor a AITC Intern to attend a 7 week Advanced CHE Training course.

Sponsor an AITC Intern

Sponsor an Orphan at the AITC:

Orphans at the AITC Vocational School

While the teenage orphans staying at the AITC are learning a trade and using this trade to help cover expenses they still have about $100 per teen per month in unfunded expenses.  These are primarily costs for food, clothing and medical.  If you are able to assist in helping young African teens learn a trade as well as skills that will enable them to share Christ and transform their home community when they graduate from the AITC please use the link below and donate today. 100% of your tax deductible gift will be used in Ghana to support the Orphans at the AITC.

Sponsor and Orphan