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Ghana Medial Trip

Ghana Medical Mission – Liz Koladish’s Story

I have been to Ghana four times and I cannot remember the name of all the villages that I have been to or remember every…(View More)

Ghana April 2014 Lindsay with boy-2

Ghana Medical Mission – Lindsay’s Story

May 1 will be a day that is forever burned into my heart. We headed down to the lake to board a boat that would take…(View More)

Woman's Health Class

Gambia-Ghana: Kemoy Addai-Gyansa’s Story

I recently traveled with Heartbeat for Africa to Gambia and Ghana.  My most memorable moment on this trip was being with the women in Gambia…(View More)

David in Ghana

Gambia-Ghana: David Addai-Gyansa’s Story

Our trip to West Africa was amazing in many respects. We ministered and were ministered to… We traveled to Gambia for the first week of…(View More)