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2015 Education Trip (Community Health Evangelism) – by Beth

Community Health Evangelism The purpose of the Heartbeat for Africa trip was to serve the West Africa Community Health Evangelism (CHE) network director in any…(View More)


Ghana Education Trip 2015 – Julie’s Story

Hot flashes, fuzzy memory, mood changes, lack of energy – these are symptoms many people readilyassociate with menopause and see as a normal part of…(View More)


Ghana Education Trip 2015 – Paul’s Story

The team was in a Church service the day after we arrived in Navrongo northern Ghana, when God stepped in to emphasize a message.  Opening…(View More)

Road signs

Ghana Education Trip 2015 – Beth’s Story

Several people told me to expect a “what am I doing here” moment during the trip. For me that moment came the first day in Ghana….(View More)