About Us


Heartbeat for Africa (HBA) is a faith-based, nonprofit foundation that exists to honor and join God in being a blessing to the people of rural Africa through community transformation with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty, disease, unemployment and hopelessness.


Heartbeat for Africa (HBA) has as its vision to seek and join God in working to empower Africans living in the rural areas of West Africa in transforming their lives and communities.
This is our strategy to accomplish this vision:

  1. Focus on development strategies to empower change within rural communities
  2. Develop funding resources and strategy to empower African leaders to provide food, clothing, shelter and education for  child trafficking into corrupt activity and the support of orphan children.
  3. Work with African national ministries of health and U.S. medical institutions or individuals to provide necessary medical care in rural West Africa.
  4. Providing resources to help educate African CHE trainers.
  5. Develop strategic alliances with governmental, non-governmental, and faith-based organizations.

History of HBA

Heartbeat for Africa (HBA) began as a faith vision given to the organization’s founder, Ed Harrow. Following a third trip to Africa in 2006, Ed clearly felt God leading him to develop a non-profit foundation to reach out to individuals, churches and secular organizations to make a difference in the lives of people in Ghana and throughout West Africa. In October 2006, Heartbeat for Africa became a reality as a 501(c)3 organization incorporated in the state of Arizona.

Over the intervening years, the founding officers Ed Harrow, June Crawford, Dr. John Utz and Jeff Wesley have obediently carried out the vision set before them. From the initial focus of the foundation in Ghana, to the focus today throughout West Africa, God has directed the path of the leaders of HBA. The strategy of HBA has evolved to promote transformation empowerment with communty leaders in rural West Africa. We recognize that each African community we partner with are the experts on their culture, assets, community needs, and the possible solutions to their community needs. Therefore we want to assist these communities in addressing their issues and not try to do that for them. We desire “to seek and join God in empowering Africans living in the rural areas of West Africa to participate in transforming their lives and communities.”